Should Sex Education Be Taught At School?

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It is very crucial to enforce comprehensive sex education rather than an abstinence-only program to be taught beginning in middle school for kids ages 11-18. When sex education is disregarded and rejected, problems may occur. "Sexuality is part of who we are as human beings. If you demonize it when you 're young, it becomes much harder when you get older." (Shah) Kids and teens acquire information, if not provided with some, about sex from friends, the Internet and more but, the information they are learning may not be correct. When, if ever, should kids learn about sex? Middle school children are at the age where they first begin puberty. If the effects of puberty are not taught at home or at school, this could be an embarrassing time in any child’s or teen’s life because their bodies are changing and their hormones are increasing. In order to avoid humiliation, sex education should be taught at schools and should be instructed by a trained professional or a trained teacher. “With this in mind, educators may need guidance in how to select the goals, the information, the activities, and the methodologies to effectively teach about sex and sexuality.” (Planned Parenthood) Some parents choose to educate their own children about sex. And many are too shy and cautious when it comes to informing their child about sex. It is completely acceptable to teach your child about sex, but it should be backed up with professional lessons at school as well. In this case, it is beneficial if schools are in charge of teaching “sex ed” to their students. Parents actually prefer to let their children be taught at school. “Virtually all parents want sex education to cover core concepts.” (Curran) Middle school seems too early to start the program, bu... ... middle of paper ... to learn to just not have sex. It is more successful if kids are taught the risks of having sex and ways to prevent contracting sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Since public opinion polls have showed that parents are in favor of a comprehensive sex education program, schools have now started that program. (Planned Parenthood) Sex education should be a mandatory class because it informs the youth about the subject. Comprehensive programs are a better choice when it comes to educating children. It is essential to teach them at an age where they need it most. Middle school is the perfect age to start informing children about bodily functions and other natural occurrences. The sex talk should not be avoided because if it is it can lead into bad decisions. It is better to have an educated youth than to have an ignorant group of kids in society.

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