Should Scotland Become Independent from Britain?

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Since the SNP came to power, there has been a lot of nationalism scattering across the country. On Thursday, the 18th of September, 2014 there will be a referendum. Independence for Scotland is on the top of the nationalist’s ‘to do’ list. But why exactly should we be independent? Would our small, financially challenged country really be able to stand on its own feet against the bigger countries in the global market? For over 300 years we have been part of Great Britain’s success but now in a time of economic meltdown, people have a growing want for independence.
To start, let’s take a look at why our country can’t afford (and will never be able to afford) independence. The credit crunch occurred when our banks were forced to cancel debts after them carelessly giving money to people who could not repay their loans. This forced the government to use public money, to keep the banks afloat and resulted in decreasing our budget by billions of pounds (also causing inflation levels to rise). So what is our tax money going towards now? Instead of paying for the much demanded and quite frankly desperately needed improvements in healthcare, housing and education we are now investing in unstable banks, with the hope that everything will soon be fixed, which, to be honest, sounds good, but it’s going to take a long time, longer than anyone thinks. If we were to become independent, we would be in huge debt, and, owing 3.6 billion is a lot when there is only a population of about 5.4 million in Scotland. If we weren’t to become independent, our debts would get paid more quickly.
It is not only the recession but also our decreasing oil which we must be worried about. Our country heavily relies on oil to make most of its money but when that’s...

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...ndence but use England as an easily blameable place for all our problems. I believe we are lucky to have our own identity but, still be part of a stronger nation that is able to financially support us when we need picking up. Why would we want to change this? A campaign for Scottish independence in this day is unnecessary. Let’s not make Scotland more vulnerable because all of a sudden there are more nationalists, wanting to be forever rid of the English.
In conclusion I believe that independence is completely useless and wrong. A campaign for our own government might be realistic if we didn’t have the problems that we have today. In a time when our economy is fragile, Scottish independence is an unsupported waste of our energy, time and money (which we don’t have). I believe that the demand for independence is rather out of the blue, and isn’t needed in any way.
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