Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legal?

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Imagine that a government intentionally denied over 1,000 rights and benefits from one group of people who have not broken laws. Would you support that government in any way? In the United States, same-sex couples are denied legal marriage, and because of that it has divided the American people for several years. It’s a sad and devastating thing to see the ones you love be denied the right to marry the person you love, no matter what gender. On October 17, 2014, the courts had made a decision that had stirred up a lot of controversy with the legislator and our governor of Arizona, regarding same sex marriage (Fischer, Capitol Media Service). The idea of legalizing same sex marriage has put many people in the United States on edge. Marriage is a bond between two people. We might as well take our heads out of the sand and recognize it; it already exists. This has been an ongoing battle for many years, going back to the late twentieth century. We live in a country that is known as the “Land of the free and the home of the Brave,” yet same sex marriage is not something we are “free” to do. The rights that we have to marry and do as we wish with the ones we love are being taken away due to the religious views of the members of the Legislator. Governor Jan Brewer had voiced, “Historically and traditionally, that power belongs to the states, and to the people. If society wants to recognize same sex marriage or civil unions, that decision should be made through our elected representatives or at the ballot, not the courts” (KTAR Newsroom, October 17, 2014). What would you do if you were told you could not marry the person you love? It wouldn’t sit so easy for you, would it? Seeing the faces of same sex couples that are finally able ... ... middle of paper ... ...eryone has to dislike the fact that their political view on topics is now no longer held at the highest point that it once was. My mother and her partner, Amy now think that people are soon going to be more excepting of things such as same sex marriage and other “morally wrong” situations. In conclusion, I believe that when it comes to love no one should be judged. I recognize that there are several viewpoints on what the word “marriage” means. Looking at my own mother and feeling the pain that she does when being denied the right to marry someone that she claims to love is difficult and heart wrenching. Now I get to be a bridesmaid or even her maid of honor at her wedding. I couldn’t be happier to see that Arizona legalized same sex marriage. Marriage is a bond between two people. We might as well take our heads out of the sand and recognize it; it already exists.

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