Should Same Sex Couples Be Legal?

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It is uneasy to accept the fact that the way our society is set up is changing; things are not what our history books have said to be anymore. Some changes are, indeed are for the worse, causing despair and agony, but, there are some changes that bring people closer, help spread love and have the vibrancy of beautifying unexplainable emotions flowing. This beautiful change is spreading like the unstoppable virus, captivating the hearts of those stone cold citizens who prefer to live the way our “norms” are set up. This beautiful change is no other than love, same-sex love. Or decades, those who were lesbian or gay have struggled, bullied, tortured, and disowned by their friend and families and all toward what? Because they were different, because they did not live up to the society 's norms, because they fell in love. Our society needs to stop defining the meaning of love; let our hearts define it for us. Same-sex couples have been living and loving one another in privacy, in the hopes of not being pulled out by our society and be scolded. Nearly a century ago, an individual was not human if he/she had these “witchcraft” feelings and emotions; they were sent to the nearest doctors and were “treated for their illness”. Fast forward to today, same-sex marriage is legal in many parts of the world, and is now becoming more accepted, even in strict religious countries, like in Turkey and Azerbaijan (Idiz 1). Moreover, the numbers are growing for the same-sex couples, nearly doubling all over the nation, as many citizens are stepping out of the closet and deciding to finally be who they are born as. It is reported by the Census bureau, the highest population of the gay couple is in San Francisco, California, w... ... middle of paper ... ...couples are down the rough road when compared to other couples, they face discrimination and disgust each and every day. However, their ambition and dignity always bring them up to their feet because they have accepted who they are. Indeed, they will face times when only a few will try to help them, like Clela has done in her story, where on behalf of what she believed to be the right thing to do, she gave up her reputation and to this day, does not regret it. Same-sex couples need support and help, help from people like Clela and they need to be reminded every day that love is unexplainable and that the society cannot make you love someone simply based on your identity. As time passes, people tend to get used to “odd’ occurrences and it 's no doubt that there will come a day when one 's sexual interest does not prevent them from getting married or becoming a parent.

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