Should Prostitution Be Illegal?

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INTRODUCTION: Prostitution is possibly one of the most shamed topics to speak of in most cultures today. The sex work industry is perhaps one of the oldest existing occupations in the world dating back to the beginning of the third millennium B.C. however, in a majority of countries prostitution is illegal leading to many other criminal affairs such as human trafficking, sexually transmitted diseases, different types of abuse and many other pitfalls. Sex workers face an abundance of discrimination and their human rights are not often considered. I believe it’s time to legalize prostitution in order to minimize much criminal activity that happens every day, all which effects societies all over the world. DISCUSSION: Women who have been trafficked into the sex trade have no freedom of choice whether or not to take part in sexual acts and their rights as a human being are stripped completely. By legalizing prostitution accountability of businesses and mandatory registration of all sex workers would help account for those who are legally working in country and those who are not. Legalization is also characterized by a high degree of government control, although less than criminalization, and uses licensing, registration, and mandatory health check-ups to regulate prostitution. (Thompson as cited in Rayborn, 2013) According to Rayborn (2013): Moreover, the issues of when the prostitute can work and whom she serves should be addressed in the same legislation that legitimizes prostitution. No prostitute should have to unwillingly have sex with a client, for whatever reason. This could be easily addressed with a “we have a right to deny you service” sign and codification of that principle in legislation. (p. 130) With women h... ... middle of paper ... ...e likelihood of violence and exploitation against prostitutes could be viewed as heightened by prostitution remaining illegal, because the customer does not need to comply with the prostitute’s wishes if he chooses not to as prostitutes have little recourse to legal protection. (Barnard as cited in Hayes-Smith & Shekarkhar 2010) It is quite a paradox that the porn industry is lawful, deeming it ok to earn money while consenting to sex on film, but illegal for two consenting adults to perform the same acts for pay in private. Why is one illegal and not the other when they have the same risk factors? Ultimately if someone decides to choose prostitution as his or her line of work they should have the freedom to do so in an environment practicing safe sex, within regulations and free from abuse ensuring no one is forced to perform any acts they do not desire to conduct.
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