Should Parents Be Held Legally Responsible for the Behavior of Their Children?

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An on going debate all over the world is being held about if parents should be legally responsible for their children’s behavior. This meaning when a child is charged for a crime they will not receive the punishment, instead the parents will. The parents’ receiving the punishment is the proper way to be handled. As children grow up, their behavior is influenced by who they socialize with each and every day. The main people they socialize with each day are their parents. A parent is the top model in a child’s life. Parents mold their children’s behavior into how they will act in the future. The parents teach their children from right to wrong and try their best to make sure they are always making the right choice. If a parent behaves in a certain manner, more than likely their children will end up doing the same actions. This is because a child is the reflection of their parents. The parents are the ones who set the right example. It is the parent’s accountability for how the children have been taught to behave. They learn their ways of behavior from their parents. The parents are the ones who are to give the children the proper guidance to become law obeying human beings. If the parents fail to correctly teach their children how to behave, then the children will behave negatively. The children behaving negatively could then lead them to disobey the law and any actions that follow that. All of the negative consequences of a child’s action can be avoided if the children have parents who positively teach them the right way to behave. Therefore, when it comes to unacceptable behavior such as breaking the law, parents have legal responsibility for their children’s behavior.
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...d knowledge on how to behave will lead the children into an appropriate life without getting in trouble with the law or in trouble at all. A child needs guidance. The proper guidance given will allow a child to know that it is better to do the right thing. They will also learn that doing the right thing will make them get in less trouble over all. The proper guidance given by parents is the key factor that will have the biggest impact on the lives of their children. If parents are the largest role models in children’s lives, it will show them to avoid situations that will get them into trouble. If the parents are not doing their job and giving this guidance correctly, then their children will end up getting in trouble because they were not taught any better. As a result, parents should receive the legal responsibility for their children’s actions and behavior.
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