Should Obama Care Be Mandatory Essay

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Obama Care should not be mandatory in the United States. In today’s society, people have always thought as individuals and always wanted an individual health care system that they received themselves. Obama Care is a universal health care system that allows every person an affordable health care system. Fortunately, Obama Care will not hurt the states and put them more in to debt because Obama Care is cheaper. Many of states believe they cannot handle the transition from a privately run insurance system to one that is done by the government, but it is one decision by the government that will save the states millions of dollars. Even though The United States is one of the few counties left that does not have a universal health care system, it definitely needs to be mandated so that we the people can save money as well as the government. Although, Obama Care should not be enforced, the government should mandate a universal health care system because it will give the people an affordable insurance, it helps turn an individualism economy in to a community economy, and it help with the people’s fiscal problems. Obama Care also has some faults believe it or not; this is that the Act that could increase health care costs over the short term when it starts. That's because many people will receive preventive care for the first time in their lives. Preventive care is medical procedures that could lead to treatment of undiagnosed illnesses, but this will be driving up costs. There are 30.1 million people who currently buy their own private health insurance. Many of them have to cancel their plans from the insurance company because their plan doesn't meet the 10 essential health benefits. The costs of new replacement insurance are... ... middle of paper ... ...e it will evidentially help our economy. The most important reason why we should have Obama care is because it may possibly hurt us at first to get the program running, but once it is up and going it will really stimulate the economy by instead of paying more for the health care, you are keeping more in your pocket. When you keep money in your pocket that will make you want to go spend that money, which would create more jobs for people to fill and bringing us out of the recession that we are currently in. As you can see, Obama Care definitely can be the big boost that the government was waiting for, so that they can give every citizen an affordable insurance that will help them live in case of any life threatening situations. To conclude, Obama Care should be mandatory in The United States because it is very helpful to you as an individual and to us as a country.
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