Should Marijuana be Legalized?

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How would you feel if you saw on the news tomorrow that grapes were now illegal to have? This was a question that one should asked themselves before they begin reading this paper. Marijuana is a natural drug grown from the plant Cannabis. I have researched facts, observations, and opinions from a variety of sources. Some of the articles that I have found agree with the legalization of marijuana. Others are against even the idea of the legalization of marijuana. The risk that I had with choosing this topic is the assumption of others that I am a smoker of marijuana. I do not smoke marijuana, so my research is based on unbiased work. I have a few questions that I will leave up to the reader to decide for themselves. What kind of an impact would the legalization of marijuana have on the economy, medical practices, and the legal system? The first question that I have is how would the legalization of marijuana impact the economy? Could the revenue from marijuana help state and national deficits? “The national debt stands at sixty-percent of GDP” according to Jeffrey Miron, a reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer (Miron). As we have seen, the national and state deficits have been an ongoing news topic for a few years now. The debt is expected to rise to seventy-five percent under current projections in just a few years (Miron). Many people including politicians have embraced the idea of legalizing marijuana to aid in the deficit issues (Miron). “Legalization of marijuana would help to reduce state and federal deficits by elimination expenditure on prohibition enforcement – arrest, prosecutions, and incarceration – and by allowing state and federal governments to collect tax revenue on legalized sales” (Miron). Cato Institute recently... ... middle of paper ... ...15. JAMA PEDIATR. "Anticipated Medical Effects on Children From Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado and Washington State ." ONLINE FIRST (2013): 2. Document. Matthew Seamon, PharmD, Esq. "Managing Medical Marijuana In the Health-System Pharmacy." Pharmacy Purchasing & Products 8.11 (2011): 10-20. online article. 16 March 2014. . Miron, Jeffrey A. "Making an Economic Case for Legalizing Drugs." The Philadelphia Inquirer (2010): 3. Document. OURS, JAN C VAN. "THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD TO CANNABIS LEGALIZATION." Addiction (2012): 4. Rueben, Kim. "Finding Just the Right Tax Rate." New York Times' Room for Debate (2013): 2. online article. 2014. Transnat'L., J. "THE INTERNATIONAL LAW OF TREATIES AND UNITED STATES LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA. ." HEINONLINE (n.d.): 1.

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