Should Marijuana be Legalized?

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Should marijuana be legalized? Believe it or not, this is not a topic that just popped up last week at the local newspaper stand. This topic has been around for the last few decades even almost a century, and its full of those who think that marijuana is the worst thing that as ever came from the ground, then there’s those who think its no different than smoking a cigarette or having a glass of wine at dinner. By examining the history of marijuana and also prohibition and possible medical benefits, it will be easy to see that marijuana is not the devil drug that it has been portrayed to be.
Hemp is a different variety of plant from the same strain of cannabis sativa L as marijuana. What is funny is that the growing of hemp used to be as common as having a family garden. Even historical figure Thomas Jefferson kept records of his personal growing of hemp at Monticello. Hemp has many valuable uses from its strength as rope to its durability and comfort ability in clothing (“History”). But this all soon changed because in the year 1937 the U.S. congress passed The Marihuana Tax act of 1937. This in fact started the era of hemp prohibition. In fact there was actually once a time where the country needed hemp more than ever before. When World War II started and with the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese cut off the shipment of “manila hemp” to the United States from other foreign countries (“History”). To make up for this loss in a very valuable resource the government put out a film to the nation called “Hemp for victory”. This film basically told the American farmers of the Midwest and all over the rest of the country that they would be doing there part in supporting the war effort to grow hemp. During this time the U.S. G...

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