Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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What happens when you smoke marijuana? Is marijuana a “gateway” drug to other drugs? What is marijuana, aren’t there different kinds? These are all common questions asked by many around the world, from teens to the elderly are wondering what this “drug” is. The drug can cause multiple effects that is causing the world to demand the drug that is illegal in many countries. Over ninety-four million people in the US admitted to trying the drug at least once.
"The current drug laws are doing more harm than good. Legalizing marijuana would benefit the countries in many ways."

There are many ways that countries could benefit from legalizing it, lower crime rate, more money, etc. One of the biggest ways it could help is economically; by legalizing it the government would actually make revenue from being able to tax it. The money from selling the drug could also go toward schools, government buildings, and state income in general. One example of this is that revenue from taxes in Colorado is expected to reach seventy million dollars per year and be put toward school construction. If it is legalized nationally then it could also be used to eliminate some of the national debt, which is now at a staggering fourteen trillion dollars.

The health benefits of using marijuana are that, it doesn’t hurt the lungs, it can even increase the lung captivity, and it also can prevent cancer due to a chemical that tobacco lacks called cannabidiol. However smoking cigarettes is more likely to give you lung cancer: they are made with harmful chemicals like acetone, cyanide, arsenic, etc., causing greater health risk. Marijuana is safer by comparison. Marijuana helps relieve stress, anxiety, depression, slows down tumor growth, and helps relieve pain for...

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...they are taken in correct doses. Not to say it does not have its downfalls, because it does. The main reasons for its illegalization were racist beliefs and false statements. It does not in any way kill brain cells.

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