Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Marijuana, weed, hashish, pot, it goes by many names. Many people argue that it should be legalize because it’s no better than alcohol and cigarettes. Although these claims holds some truth, marijuana is still a dangerous drug and adding one more problematic drug into the mix will not improve America’s health and safety issues. Although marijuana has its medical benefits, using it for recreational purposes is dangerous for both us and our society. There are countless debates whether marijuana should be legalized for creational use or if it should remain illegal. Marijuana has been legalized in some states for medical use such as pain caused by cancer, glaucoma and nerve pain. In a survey I conducted in a class of 27 students, 15 opposed the legalization of recreational marijuana. Yet 25 of the students were in favor or medical marijuana. This goes to show that people are willing to embrace the medical benefits of marijuana but recreational marijuana is still seen unfavorable to most people, rightfully so. Marijuana has its fair share of negative health effects. For one, it increases the heart rate by 20 to 100 percent shortly after being smoked. This increases marijuana user’s chances of having heart complications such as a heath attack. These risks are increased in older individuals. Also, if smoked it has considerable damage on the lungs. Marijuana smoke irritates the lungs and yields similar effects to tobacco smokers. For example, frequent cough, phlegm production, difficulty breathing Etc. Studies show that marijuana smokers miss a lot more day of work, than non-smokers due to these symptoms. Moreover, extensive use of marijuana has been shown to be associated with mental illnesses. Chronic users have temporary psychotic brea... ... middle of paper ... ...uana>. NIH, "DrugFacts: Marijuana" National Institute on Drug Abuse. Dec.2012. n.p. 27 Nov. 2013 . Szalavitz, Maia. "Marijuana as a Gateway Drug: The Myth That Will Not Die" TIME: Health and Family. 29 Oct. 2010. TIME. 27 Nov. 2013 . Chow, Denise . "Marijuana Science: Why Pot Heads Are Slackers" Live Science. 01 Jul. 2013. n.p. 27 Nov. 2013 . Goldberg, Joseph . "Marijuana Use and Its Effects" WebMD. 23 Jul. 2012. n.p. 27 Nov. 2013 . Harding, Anne. "Medical Marijuana " WebMD. 04 Nov. 2013. n.p. 27 Nov. 2013 .
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