Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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For thousands of years human beings have attempted to find ways to get passed the struggles of their lives. With the pain of the world stopping people from enjoying simple pleasures, sometimes there is a need for help. Marijuana brings millions of people relief from the pain they feel on a day-to-day basis. This completely natural plant which helped so many people has puzzled the leaders of our nation for a long time. The THC in marijuana causes its users to experience a mild-huluciginic or high. The effect that marijuana has on a person has prevented the product from being legalized. Many other details about the plant, like the speculation of it being a gateway drug, have put another blockage on its legalization. Even though there are speculations about the plant, the benefit that it brings to the table most definitely out way its disadvantages. The plants help benefit by supplying us as a natural ingredient for medicine; however, nowadays, some people have been using it wrongly. Should marijuana be legalized? Many Americans have this question roaming through their heads. Marijuana is an illegal drug in the U.S. and many other countries; it comes from dried flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. It has been available since the 1960s, but is 20 times more potent than before. Many youngsters believe that marijuana should be illegalized. However, they fail to know its many long term side effects. In the long run marijuana usage has a very high effect on the person’s body. Also, it’s known for a fact that marijuana has a high rate for addiction. Some people also believe that marijuana is accepted as medical use; however this is not true. In my eyes, marijuana is illegal for extremely powerful reasons, and it should stay that way. As...

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...ere is a side affect of this individual drug. As stated before, marijuana affect our health, such as short term memory and our logical thinking. Teens who have used marijuana, their health may have been affected by these illness. And it can’t easily be cure, because once you are addicted to marijuana it is very difficult for one to detach him or her self from the drug without any medical profession.

To prevent unnecessary use of marijuana, the drug shouldn’t be used because can be very dangerous to the body and health. Beside from using such drug, it is better if we were to use a different one, not marijuana alone. Pain killer may relieve the pain of each individual, but there might be some side affect to it as well. Exercise, be active, and communicate can also solve unwanted problem, too. Not just the drugs alone.

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