Should Kids Be Allowed To Play Competitive Sports Essay

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980 words

“When you get an injury and you have to sit on the bench and watch games, that kills you inside.” Competitive sports can be bad but you have to be aware of the bad things that can happen. I am going to argue that kids should not be allowed to play competitive sports.Competitive sports you can’t be consistent with your discipline Furthermore, it also has a high risks for injuries like football, and finally competitive sports can put pressure on you to perform, it can make you not to play that sport no more.

The first argument in support of competitive sports are bad for kids is that you can’t be consistent with your discipline. In the article Sports and School: requiring more from your teen says, “You may not feel like fighting with your son today, but you have to …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that competitive sports are bad for kids of all ages because they have high risks for injuries.
  • Opines that competitive sports put too much pressure on kids to perform and be their very best.
  • Argues that kids should not be allowed to play competitive sports because they can't be consistent with their discipline.
  • Opines that competitive sports should be banned because it's a high risk for injuries like football and can put pressure on kids to perform.

Here is another example, in the article Competitive Sports: Helping Kids Play It Cool says, “ Negative stress is different. If your child had a fight with a close friend, missed the bus, and forgot his or her homework, it can be pretty hard to get in the right frame of mind for the afternoon tennis match.”In this case, there is a lot of stress out there in the world and you have a game this afternoon and you get yelled at or you have a lot of homework all that can put a lot of stress on you to perform because you might be thinking about all the stuff you have to do and you might miss the winning goal to score and win and that is why I think competitive sports is bad because it can put a lot of pressure on you yo

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