Should Human Cloning Be Banned?

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Have you ever thought that you are a human clone? Think about someday you realize that you are human clone and you are designed for real person’s health care. You might shock with the truth and could not accept the truth. Following the research, VCU Life Sciences Surveys, in 2002, research into human cloning is just 23%. In 2010, research into human cloning is about 35%. If human cloning be allowed, these researches will happen more frequently. Although some scientists and ethicists agree with human cloning, there are more evidence that human cloning yields negative results.
Opponents of banned human cloning claim that human have the right to clone themselves. They insist that human cloning is problem of individual choice and individual choice should be guaranteed if individual choice do not damage to other people. (Kerry, 2006) Also, they claim that human have right to choose the ways of breeding like the right to choose the ways of cure of contraception and sterility. However, human cloning is not way of breeding. Human cloning is means of manufacture. Also, human cloning infringes on having own identity rights. This means that human cloning infringes a right to ask that there is only me in the world. So, people do not allow cloning themselves because there should be only they in the world.
Opponents also maintain that human cloning contribute to the advanced medical science. For example, in America, chemists sold medicine after animal testing but, it did not work well and after taking medicine, deformed children were born. Therefore, for numerous lives, some human cloning’s sacrifice is needed. However, human cloning could not be justified for selfish purposes. For instance, think about that one human clone is born to cure someone’s disease. After the cure, “he will be treated as a freak, set apart from others, the object of tiring scientific and public curiosity, and exposed to unending physical and psychological testing.” (Thomas) In addition, does the human clone’s goal of life disappeared? Who are born for someone in the world? Is there anything like this inhumane act except human cloning?
The final argument advanced by opponents of banned human cloning is that human cloning is the creation of an organism that is an exact genetic copy of another, so it will cure diseases as quickly as possible. However, the research said differently. According to Andelino, the potential side effects include infection, loss of fertility, stroke, and in rare cases death.
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