Should Homework Be Abolished?

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“Opinions on homework have shifted back and forth over the past century, according to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics”(Homework Debate Nothing New, Never Ending). The push for homework came in throughout the 90s as the state as the national standards grew. The turn of the century brought a concern from parents about too much stress on students. Teachers might assume that you can never have too much of a good thing: “The more work assigned, the more learning takes place” (GreatSchools Staff- All Homeworked Out). Although doing work outside of school can really help kids with learning responsibility and retaining information, having too much homework can put stress on children and take away from some of their family, social, and sleeping time.
The average high school students’ routine would most likely include waking up early, going to school for 5-7 hours, usually participating in extracurricular activities after school, and getting home late, eating dinner and doing homework until it’s time for bed. But, many parents point out, the excessive homework assignments can leave little to no time to just relax with family — which is often in limited for busy, two-income households. “There's nothing wrong with wanting your kids to study hard, they argue, but it's important to remember that not all lessons come from hitting the books”(All Homeworked Out).
Beth Jokien, a Lima Newspaper reported, interviewed Judy Hedges, a teacher at Lima Senior High, regarding the light load of homework Hedges gives her thankful students. During this interview, Hedges said of her daughter, when she hit middle school, 18 years ago, she had to balance homework and athletics. “There would be nights and it would be 9:30 and she was just finishin...

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... the work if they need it, or spend the time talking with friends and do their homework later. Giving the kids the choice teaches them to manage their time. (Less Is More When It Comes To Homework). Homework is also to encourage kids to study independently and use their outside resources such as the library, and the internet.
The purpose of homework is to help review the work covered during class, which can help students to better retain the new information. (David Armani) “Although you can ask your teacher questions if you do not completely understand…. You still need to apply the information to learn the subject and turn it into knowledge” (Purpose of Homework, Ron Kurtus).
In conclusion, I believe that you can always benefit from homework. You can never learn too much. The pressure on the students is a little much, but it will make them who they are going to be.

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