Should Gun Owners Own A Gun For Gun Protection?

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Nearly 48% of gun owners own a gun for their own protection (Pew). Owning a gun could save someone in times of crisis, whether from an armed burglar or from a mass shooting. However, owning a gun has become too easy. Many guns fall into the hands of criminals and terrorists. Gun laws and background checks should be changed; thousands of innocent people are killed each year at the fault of a gun falling in the wrong hands. If we included a psychiatric evaluation in our background checks it could save lives. Getting access to a gun has become too easy for criminals and terrorists. All gun purchases require a background check, but that only includes in store purchases (Clarke and Martin). If all of the requirements checks out you can walk out…show more content…
The second amendment is the right to bear arms. As stated by Pew, 48% of gun owners own a gun for their own protection. However, how often could a gun actually save you? According to recent studies, for every one person that uses a gun for self-defense six guns are used in crimes. Countless Americans believe that owning a gun will make them invincible. Having a gun is supposed to be for emergencies, for example a man breaking into a home to steal. If the owner has a gun, he/she can shoot the burglar before things get out of hand. Although, according to various judges, in a national survey of 35 cases of self-defense gun use, half were considered to be illegal (Hemenway). One of the cases the judges considered to be illegal was a 58-year-old-man who threatened his friend with a gun because he interrupted his TV show. To the man, he saw that his actions were completely justified. To the law, not so much (Hemenway). Guns are supposed to be used for protection and hunting nothing else, especially not to threaten anyone. Solnik and Hemenway led a study of whether or not a gun could save you from an injury during a robbery. The possibility of injury when a gun is involved in self-defense case (10.9%) is almost exact to that of a victim who did nothing at all (11.0%). With that being said, relying on a gun to save your life is not always…show more content…
Each state is allowed to make as much gun control or as little gun control as they want. Numerous Americans believe that states that have less gun control tend to have more deaths by firearms. Even according to President Obama, states with the most gun laws tend to have fewer gun deaths. Various studies have been conducted to prove this theory. Of the 100,000 gun related deaths, which included homicides and suicides, states with more restrictions tend to have less deaths in their states (Kessler). States such as Hawaii had a low amount of deaths by firearms because they had stricter gun laws. Whereas, states such as West Virginia had more deaths by firearms due to lack of strict gun laws. With this being said, stricter gun laws throughout America is not a bad idea. We would see a relatively low amount of deaths by firearms if we do so. According to a poll conducted by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Mississippi and West Virginia do not hold gun dealers accountable when they do not perform background checks (Kessler). Which is a terrible idea. This means that thousands of people can go and buy a gun from these states without having a background check. Rapists, terrorists, and abusers are allowed to walk out of the gun shop with any gun they want. Although, we cannot blame the gun dealers themselves for dealing guns to the wrong people. However, we can make it hard for guns to fall into the wrong
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