Should Genetically Modified Food Be Labeled?

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According to the definition of The Penguin English Dictionary, genetically modified (GMO’s) are “[food]: containing an ingredient that has had its genetic structure modified, e.g. to improve its growth or increase its resistance to pests.” (Genetically Modified)
It is very common to hear the questions “What are the benefits of genetically modifying a food?”, “What are the risks of genetically modifying it?” and “Is it really necessary to label the products?” when talking about the controversial topic of labeling GMO’s. After researching these questions, it is possible to determine whether, or not, genetically modified foods should be labelled and the reasons for it.
Lately a big part of the population of the United States has been fighting for and against labels on GMO’s. Writing about the benefits, or what are claimed as benefits of labeling products, is essential to better understanding this topic. One of the most commonly found arguments is that consumers should have the right to know exactly what is inside of the product they are buying. According to The New York Times, “Any private company has the right to require its suppliers to meet labeling standards it chooses to set, and consumers have a right to know what’s in the food they are buying” (Why Label Genetically Engineered Foods,1).
Some people fear consuming genetically modified foods because they are not sure about what is inside of the product. According to Harmon and Pollack, people who are pro labeling believe they have the right to know if the produce they are buying was or not modified and if yes, what is inside of it. They also argue that genetically modified food “is fundamentally different from the selective breeding process” (1). – According to The Hutchi...

... middle of paper ... modified products could just start producing those same products but without genetically engineering them, making it possible for everyone to consume them without being frightened of what is inside of it (Harmon and Pollack, 2).

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