Should Gay Marriages Be Legalized

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Should Gay Marriages be Legalized?

Homosexuality is a hot topic in the world today. We see it on the news, hear it on the radio and even read about it in the newspaper. I believe there will always be homosexuals as long as people live. For years society has looked down upon and condemned gays and lesbians. Even the Constitution of the United States forbids certain rights to homosexuals. For years homosexuals were not allowed to serve in the military unless they hid their sexuality. As I got older and came in contact with homosexuals and have friends and family members that are open about their sexuality, I sometimes question my beliefs, because most of the homosexuals I know personally have all stated they did not choose to be gay. Some even said because they have a hard time accepting the fact they are gay, has caused them to turn to drugs and alcohol, it caused them to make poor decisions that have landed them in trouble with the law, and some have stated they even considered suicide. You see on the news where innocent people have been killed because they were openly gay and showed affection towards their partner in public. Homosexuals argue they can’t help who they are attracted too or fall in love with. The fact of knowing they are different and knowing how some people look upon gays and lesbians is very difficult for some homosexuals to admit they are attracted to the same sex.

Did you know people treat Homosexuals differently in different Countries? There is a group by the name of “The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association”, or ILGA, and they give a list of several different countries that have laws against sexual activity by homosexuals. In the Middle East, homosexuality is cond...

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...ages then those marriages should be legally recognized and receive the same federal benefits as heterosexual marriages.


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