Should Everyone Go To College Research Paper

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When I was a kid, the older people kept telling me that graduating from college is one of the best way to succeed. They think after you graduate from college, your future will become pretty easy, so everyone should attend college. Is that right? You will keep asking yourself that kind of question as you grow up. In the essay “Should everyone go to college?”, Stephanie Owen and Isabel V. Sawhill argue that college graduates will have a higher chance for succeeding but it doesn’t mean everyone who attend college will have a glorious future. The students have to think it college is suitable for them or not before they decide to attend to college. I agree with their statement, some students actually do better not attending college.They should find out what suits them instead of attending to college directly. College depends on the student situation.College is expensive. If you don’t have enough money, then you better not to attend college. When I was in China. I decide not to attend college…show more content…
Which means you earn $12,000 after you completed the 4-year degree. Compare to my parents with my cousins, My parents only non-high school graduated, they were working in the jobs for the Chinese people.They were working so hard and for a pretty long time but only revised the monotone wage. My cousin who was graduated from the college in China. When they moved to the United States, they tried a lot of different job. Most of the job doesn’t have to spend a lot of time and energy to do it. It is the jobs that work on the offices and working on the computer.Between my parents and my cousin were the heaven and hell. College still provides a lot of chances to the teenager so it is still a pretty good investment for the high school