Should Euthanasia be Allowed?

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Every day, numerous people around the world acquire diseases that have no cure. Whether a person attempts vigorously to rid the disease or does nothing at all, some diseases contracted will never disappear. In fact, some diseases will cause much pain and struggle throughout one's fight for life, but in the end, these incurable diseases may kill that person leaving him/her fighting for nothing but death. If an individual will endure months of suffering and will most likely die, would it stand acceptable to allow that person a peaceful death? Many people support assisted suicide to allow a person to experience less agony; euthanasia supporters push for expanding and legalizing the practice to make it accessible to almost everybody. However, a large number of individuals completely disagree with allowing assisted suicide; these individuals believe that the terminally ill patients need love, support, and comfort in their battle for life. With society persistently evolving, decisions in regards to euthanasia practices will not only affect the current generation, but it will affect proceeding generations, too, and in any generation, messing with an individual’s life will appear inappropriate. Besides, a doctor’s profession caters to saving lives, and if allowing a person to end his/her life due to the struggle he/she may face, more people would end their lives, too; a doctor’s profession revolves around treating ill patients and once those patients decide to take their life away, a doctor’s job disappears. Therefore, authorities should refrain from enacting euthanasia laws due to euthanasia accounting for many lives and disregarding doctors' oath. In a direct response to permitting euthanasia practices, the fear of evitable, mass kil... ... middle of paper ... profession's goals. Therefore, to keep the value and prestige a doctor claims to obtain, assisted suicide should not expand. Yet, one must not only look at assisted dying from a doctor’s perspective, but also look at euthanasia from a patient’s perspective. If doctors deliberately prescribe death to suffering patients, more patients will die since the only way to escape anguish seems by ceasing one’s life. Euthanasia appears very similar to the domino effect: when one person gets hit (in this case, dies due to suffering), everyone else seems to do the exact same thing. Well, what would happen when there exists no dominos in the end of the line? Perhaps, an impetuous result may occur. Yet, the only way to save society from an impetuous outbreak would only exist if the issue at hands stops from its origin; in this case, prevent euthanasia from expanding/legalizing.
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