Should English Be Ficial Language Of The United States?

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In many situations, the language spoken in a specific region influences the identity of the people who live there. Because of the power a common language has with governing a society it is a very disputed topic. In some cases, countries even fought wars in order to maintain or overrule a society with a different language. Like how the Roman empire used Latin, the language of the people, in order to execute orders. Or like how after the Norman Conquest, the French ruling class in England adopted the language of the peasants to have more authority over them. But in the case of the United States this exertion of power is vague since there remains to be no official language. This vague area of power is what encourages many to support the formation of having an official language, English, but this is difficult to implement in a country that is so diverse. The argument of whether English should become the official language of the United States is rather impractical because it would limit those who could access government programs, it violates government actions, and cause discrimination to non-english speakers. To begin with, having English as the official language would further complicate government affairs because less people would be represented. By having an official language implies that all official government documentations would be represented in one language. On the surface, this matter seems like it would not have a detrimental effect to Americans who are expected to know how to speak, read, and write English. Yet, for immigrants in the process of becoming American citizens, this would delay their ability to be represented in government affairs. According to National Education Association 's publication of Official English/En... ... middle of paper ... ... only policy would violate these rights and provide a barrier for immigrants to access anything through their native language. In conclusion, having an official language would misrepresent immigrants and deny them of their rights to participate in government affairs. Since all official documents would be represented in English, many would not have the ability to understand what is written or presented. However many immigrants strive to learn but it takes many years to master the english language. As a result many would benefit from having both languages, English and their native language, during the transition of assimilating because it would be more efficient. It would also prevent discrimination and the violation of the 14th amendment and other acts. Overall by having more languages available it would further unite the nation and aid the process of assimilation.

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