Should Electoral College Be Abolished

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The popular vote is one of the largest issues that is present in the Electoral College. Many times a candidate will lose the Electoral College vote, but be victorious in winning the popular vote by an overwhelming number of votes. An example of this has recently occurred in the election for the presidency in the year 2017. Is it a weird, but agreed upon concept that the result of the Electoral College will determine who to give the presidency to which candidate. According to the Amendments and the Framers’ creation of the Electoral College, it is by the Constitution supposed to go to the candidate winning the Electoral College. “… the electors showed that they are nothing but a formality, a relic that has cast away the final chance to justify its…show more content…
The Electoral College has to be abolished, or at the very least the electors themselves. If their job is only to ratify, then the electoral numbers on Election Day should suffice without the need for the second vote.” (New York Times 2016) A common argument is the lack of the public opinion being represented. If there are electors that support the public opinion and there is a small amount of them there, then the people who are self interested are taking over the vote count, the public opinion electors’ vote will not be seen. Since the final vote comes from the members of the Electoral college, the minority population may feel overwhelmed and pressured by the others. The electors feeling pressured is another point that is a key problems from partisanship. People think that getting rid of the Electoral College can be a solution for the public to increase in power in deciding who their leader will be. Lastly, the third and final argument further discusses the complex and grubby issues of what should happen if a presidential candidate loses the Electoral College vote, but wins the popular
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