Should Death Penalty Be Utilized?

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One of the most controversial topics to date is the argument surrounding whether or not the death penalty should be utilized. When majority of the people, think about problems surrounding capital punishment, they automatically jump right to it being legal or illegal. When in reality the problems are so much larger. They're issues involved with Capital Punishment, including racism, sexism and financial status to name a few, when it comes to who is being put to death. Recently, one of the most well known issues has become sexism. Gender inequality has been an issue in the United States and around the world for centuries. Although many people may not ask this question, it has always been wondered why more men are on death row and executed year after year then women who are committing the same crimes. Is it because the judges, the lawyers and the jury are looking to help the women out? Do they feel sorry for her? Or is it because of the image that women are weaker so they cannot construct a whole plan to committee such a violent and horrific crime? Regardless of the reasoning behind it, it is still no secret that a female offender are rarely put on death row and the women who are, more often then not, are on death row for killing someone in their immediate family.
Capital Punishment is known to have been around since the Eighteenth Century B.C. The first known community that utilized the death pentality is said to be King Hammaurabi. Hammaurabi’s Code was used in Old Babylon, that stated “an eye for an eye.” Included in Hammaurabi’s code, he allowed execution for as many as 25 different crimes. From there we follow the death penalty through different world cities such as ancient Athens, which had their code that stated n...

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...sentences. If Aaron killed three kids and Yates killed five, why was Schaffhausen sentenced to serve three consecutive prison sentences and Yates was only sentenced to serve time in a state hospital. Murder is not the only crime that women get treated differently when it comes down to it. Women are constantly getting out of speeding tickets and other crimes, simply because they are women and they are automatically viewed as not a threat to society. Theorist, Edwin Sutherland, believes that this is all because men are more likely to commit crimes based on the Sex Role Theory. The Sex Role Theory is based on the argument that when growing up, males and females are usually raised and socialize differently. According to his findings this is because “girls are more strictly supervised and controlled, whereas boys are encouraged to take risks and be tough and aggressive.”
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