Should Cosmetic Surgery Be Banned?

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Cosmetic surgery is defined as “a unique discipline of medicine focused on enhancing appearance through surgical and medical technique” (“Cosmetic Surgery vs. Plastic Surgery”). Contrary to popular belief, plastic and cosmetic surgery are completely different. Plastic surgery is used for reconstruction of the face and body due to trauma, birth defects, or disease (“Cosmetic Surgery vs. Plastic Surgery”). Recently there has been a noticeable rise in cosmetic surgeries, due to reality television shows, gossip magazines, and the population’s obsession with vanity. Cosmetic surgery is used to make men and women feel better about themselves, but does not heal anything physically wrong with them. The banning of cosmetic surgery is an issue that is heavily debated by the American public.
The main group of people opting to have cosmetic surgery are those who want to fix self-esteem issues and be accepted by society. In a study performed by Glamour magazine, 97% of women have experienced a moment in their lives where they hate their body (Coleman). Those who want to boost their self-confidence either have the option of going to a therapist or a surgeon. People are now favoring surgery because, “a psychoanalyst knows everything but changes nothing. The plastic surgeon knows nothing but changes everything” (Edmonds). It has been shown that after cosmetic surgery, the patient’s self-esteem increases by almost 15%. People prefer to have their problems or flaws cut away, instead of mentally dealing with them through therapy.
In our world today, celebrities are placed on a pedestal and seen as an example of the perfect human being. With television, movies, fashion advertisements and gossip magazines, these perfect beings are constantly in...

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...r plastic. Right now postmastectomy breast reconstruction is not covered because companies do not know what type of surgery it falls under (Jeffrey). Doctors and insurance companies need to sit down and decide what surgeries are cosmetic and which are plastic, in order to clarify the difference between the two different types of surgery.
How far is our society willing to go for beauty and money? It’s scary to think how much money people are willing to spend, or the things they are willing to risk to get their nose straightened out or fat taken out. Something must be done to protect patients. To protect patients from doctors who are only out to make money. To protect patients from harmful unnecessary surgeries. To protect patients from embarrassing disabilities. To protect patients from accidental deaths. To prevent horror stories like LeCroy’s or the PIP scandal.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that government departments and health associations strongly oppose cosmetic surgery because it can be dangerous and potentially fatal.
  • Opines that stricter regulation and laws need to be implemented to make cosmetic surgery safer. accreditation and licensing should be a requirement for all cosmetic doctors, offices, and medspas.
  • Explains that cosmetic surgery is a unique discipline of medicine focused on enhancing appearance through surgical and medical technique. it is used for reconstruction of the face and body due to trauma, birth defects, or disease.
  • Explains that the pip scandal and lecroy's story raised many questions about the cosmetic surgery field.
  • Argues that the difference between plastic and cosmetic surgery needs to be more prevalent within the public.
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