Should College Students Be Paid?

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Over the years, an overwhelming amount of the population believes those who go away to college go simply to have fun and get drunk. The bulk of society ponders the majority of college students hardly care about their grades, if at all. Some may believe college students only care about making friends, and not academic importance. However, this is not always the case. Numerous people decide to stay home to go to college to get their general education classes out of the way. They also do this do save money. Most college students tend to do this at a community college, which typically takes two years to complete and obtain an associate’s degree. With these two extra years built in, students seem to be willing to work hard in school. They also have more freedom to take classes in which they are interested in. Another reason people may tend to go to a community college is because in high school some students let their grades slip. This is the students chance to raise their grade point average as high as they can before going to a university. Community colleges also have an atmosphere that is a little more laid back than that of a university, so students do not feel as much pressure, yet still want to do well. Students are able to gain and use several resources such as utilizing their teacher’s office hours, ACE center, study groups, organization skills, attendance, and parents, all which help today’s college students become serious-minded when it comes to academics. With all the academic help readily available to the students, academics are easier to handle. For example, the school gives teachers office hours which is a set time on a set day or days that a teacher will be in their office. This is a great source of help. Here, students ... ... middle of paper ... ...e might push his child to do better than himself. College students are serious-minded in today’s society when it comes to academics due to the steps being taken by the college to aid students. From the college setting up help available to everyone to the student doing his own studying, students are getting more serious about their academics. Office hours are set up by colleges, ACE centers with teacher’s eager to help young minds learn the material, study groups led by close friends, staying organized with planners, attending classes, and parents supporting their child in learning the material given out in class increases a student’s mindset and helps them realize college is a time to gain the knowledge they will need for their careers in the near future. As time goes on, students along with colleges learn unique yet helpful ways to improve students’ academic drive.

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