Should College Athletes be Paid?

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I was not really aware of the amount of people who actually concerned themselves with whether or not college athletes should be paid until I started doing research. There is no coincidence between the absurd amount of money that college sports have begun making and the more recent argument that college students should be getting paid. Going into this, I anticipated that there would be an endless amount of articles against athletes being paid for playing sports in college, but I was surprised that when looking through different databases, I found that more people think that they should. As a college student, and a non-athlete, and also as someone who has to pay full tuition, I just don’t really see why they should be able to receive anymore money than the schools are already providing them through room and board, meal plans, gyms, travel expenses and other things that the rest of us do actually pay for. I think it would be good if athletes and other proponents of them getting paid would see that this is already a great, “opportunity to both receive an education and get the exposure to win a major professional contract more than compensates NCAA athletes for their efforts” (Riely, 2008). College football has become a huge money-maker, specifically over the past 10 or so years. People and colleges have started pumping more and more money into the programs and the ticket prices have reached all time highs. This is a big reason that proponents of college football are encouraging that the colleges pay their athletes. One of the first arguments that I ran across while doing research is about how paying athletes would be the demise of college sports. For instance, if college football paid their athletes it would not be able to last. The r... ... middle of paper ... ... Should college athletes be paid?. (1985). U.S. News & World Report, 99(26), 56. This article debates the pros and cons between a college professor and the president of an athletic society. This source is a perfect addition to my paper because it’s already set up in argument form which is the way the paper is supposed to be. Riely Jr., F. Z. (2008, March 17). College athletes are 'paid' in benefits. Christian Science Monitor. p. 8. This article discusses all the huge benefits of being a college athlete as far as room and board. I think it will help me to make a point of all the things that college athletes are already rewarded. Should NCAA Athletes Be Paid?. (n.d.). US News. Retrieved February 24, 2014, from This article will be useful because there is a good quote from the president of the NCAA.

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