Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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For many years now there has been a large debate on whether college athletes should be paid or not. A college athlete is someone who participates in an originated competitive sport for where they go to school. Some people believe that college athletes should be paid while others do not. College athletes already receive money for their participation in sports through scholarships. College athletes are also already given more than just scholarships to play sports. Most colleges would not be able to pay athletes anyways because it would cost so much. Athletes should not get paid to play college sports because they are already offered scholarship, they are given everything to them, and paying college athletes would be too expensive for colleges.
Student athletes are already being paid to attend college. Athletic scholarships are used by colleges to attract student athletes to their school without illegally paying them. The reason Athletic scholarships are available is for the people not fortunate enough for academic scholarship, this gives them hope. Athletes who get athletic scholarships are receiving up to fifty-eight thousand dollars a year (Daughter 2). Scholarships are awarded through the school’s athletic department not from the school’s sports revenue. This means there is a maximum number of scholarships that a school can offer so it is not unfair to smaller schools. Universities pay student athletes on a full scholarship up to sixty-two thousand, seven hundred, and thirteen dollars per year. Half goes to state full scholarships, tuition, and room and board of that, Four thousand, six hundred, and eighty three dollars for books and academic support. Eighteen thousand, one hundred, and twenty three dollars are se...

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