Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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The NCAA makes more than a billion dollars during March Madness each year due to all the sponsors and other advertising. College Athletes need to be paid because an average they practice up to five days a week during the season and also have lots of training in the offseason. Plus they have to attend school every day which gives college athletes no time to actually have a full functioning job to be able to buy groceries and other expenses. The athletes only have their scholarship to use for other payments if they have one and maybe there parents aren’t able to pay for their apartments and other expenses. So they could use some extra money on the side. During the month of March the college basketball teams play throughout the month for the national championship win and celebrating when they achieve it. But the real winners of the tournaments are their corporate sponsors, broadcasters and ultimately the NCAA itself. (Should Athletes be paid) March Madness has become a huge business bringing more than a billion dollars from the games, mainly due to the $700,000 ad rate for a 30 second spot during the final four. The Athlete conferences also receive lots of money when their teams advance deeper into the tournament. As a whole the NCAA makes around $6 billion dollars through all of its college events. The NCAA is said to of only used about four percent of its money on employees and the rest gets spread throughout the colleges like on athletic and academic scholarships. What if these kids get hurt during a game? What if they take away his scholarship and then also how is he going to pay off his medical bills. Kevin Ware last year in March Madness experienced a gruesome injury leaving him unable to play basketball for a whil... ... middle of paper ... ...1/20/>. Edelman, Marc. 21 Reasons why student- athletes are Employees and should be allowed to Unionize. 30 January 2014. Forbes. 2 April 2014. . Erik Brady, Steve Berkowsitz, Jodi Upton. College Coaches. 20 11 2012. 3 4 2014. . Hartnett, Tyson. Why college athletes should be paid. n.d. 2 April 2014. . Hayes, Chris. MSNBC. 1 4 2013. 3 4 2014. . Should Athletes be paid. n.d. 2 April 2014. .

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