Should College Athletes Be Paid

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In trying to decide what research topic I wanted to use, I took many ideas into thought. I decided that the one idea that interests me most is whether student athletes should be paid or not. This is very intriguing to me since my master’s program is sports management. In order to do this research there must be many ways to use research as well as ideas from other people. This project is a very big topic in today’s discussion amongst sport fans, college administrators, and student athletes themselves. Media has recently put more pressure on this topic as well with the Northwestern decision to unionize as well as pointing out an athletic director gaining an $18,000 supplement for a wrestler at their school winning a national championship. To gain a better idea on this very topic, I would like to do an extensive research on how many variables could affect different people or universities from the idea of student athletes being paid from their university.

This topic mind boggles me because of all of the variables involved as well as what can be learned from the research. One thing that I would like to learn is how much money is profited for some of the major universities by some of their big time athletes. This interests me because being an Auburn fan, Cam Newton and Bo Jackson are two of the most prolific athletes ever to touch the football field and both played at Auburn. Every game that I attend thousands of fans wear those gracious number 2 and 34 jerseys without a name on the back. I would like to know how much money was profited from just those two players alone for Auburn University without ever having to pay them for their efforts on the field. This happens all over the country each year, yet only the school...

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...oday because of the time it takes to participate in practice, games, and off season workouts for each sport. When watching pro sports, you will notice at the end of games that athletes from the losing team do not appear to be as disappointed in losing as college athletes. Sometimes when watching, fans believe that this reason is because pro athletes do not care as much because they still will get paid at the end of the day. This could be an effect on college sports if student athletes are paid. Many things that could alter college athletics is what interests me most about this topic and hopefully will help others become more informed of the situation on both sides.

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