Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Should College Athletes be Paid?

Most American people like sports. College Sports have been growing up every year and universities and athletes are more competitive every year. The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) was founded in 1906 to protect young people from the dangerous and exploitive athletics practices of the time and continues to implement that principle with increased emphasis on both athletics and academic excellence (NCAA 2012). The NCAA make and apply the rules in college sports. One of the most pressing issues in Today’s sport world is if College athletes should be paid. Sports such as baseball, football and basketball generate giant amounts of revenue every year and has become the NCAA in a multi-billion industry that cannot ignore the payment for college athlete’s issue. According to the article “Why College Athletes Should Be Paid” on Elite Daily the NCAA generated over $845 million last year and following the NCAA agreement the athletes are not allowed to get pay It sounds like a corporation who generate $845 million and they don’t have to pay their employees. The perfect model business (“Why College”). The question should college athletes be paid has been in the sport scene for several years, people have different points of view, solutions, and arguments about this topic. Analyzing the evident economic growth of college sports the last several years, and the revenue that athletes generate for their school without getting pay, the answer to the question of

payment for college athletes is yes. Beside the scholarships, college athletes definitely should be paid because they have the same risk that professional athletes have to get injury, the scholarship money is not enough to live the college life...

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...ay, they are a just a normal broke college student that put extra work to represent their university jersey with pride and dignity.

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