Should Children Vaccinated Be Vaccinated?

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In 2009 and 2010, less than half of all US states reported that the proportion of children aged five to six who were properly vaccinated before they had entered school had reached the desire 95%. In parts of the country the rate of refusal of mandatory childhood vaccinations for non-medical reasons stands at 25% (Wrong Message about Vaccines 369). Not vaccinating children is the leading cause of the deterioration of herd immunity. It also creates a generation that is more susceptible to dangerous viruses that can easily be prevented through vaccinations. Irrational fears and misinformation leads parents to fear vaccinations and ultimately “opt-out” of getting their children vaccinated. Opting-out puts the small portion of the population who cannot be vaccinated at risk of contracting diseases. This is why there should not be the option to opt-out of getting children vaccinated for those who do not have medical or socio-economical restrictions. Parents who opt-out of vaccinating their children are damaging herd immunity. Herd immunity is the idea of when vaccinations are given to a significant portion of a population and this group of people provide a measure of protection for individuals who have not been immunized. It occurs when a large amount of the population is vaccinated against a pathogen, and makes it difficult for a disease to spread because there are so few vulnerable people left to infect. In the article Vaccine Herd Effect, the authors wrote, “The importance of herd immunity was first recognized with smallpox, where the initial goal was to achieve such a herd effect. Although the ultimate eradication in 1977 was achieved with higher vaccine uptake rates, the herd effect contributed to the reduction of smallpox by a mas... ... middle of paper ... ...vaccines being dangerous have been proven wrong, parents are still fearful of vaccinations. Vaccines are crucial to not only the health of American citizens, but people across the globe. Vaccines are important to people who have illnesses that prevent them from being vaccinated and for people who cannot afford to visit the doctor and be vaccinated. In 2013 an estimated 91,453 exemptions were reported among a total estimated population of 4,242,558 kindergarteners (Vaccination Coverage Among Children 2013), which is not bad, but the numbers are expected to rise significantly with the stories and reported cases people are coming out with. Some parents have irrational fears about vaccines and that is why most do not vaccinate. Because of the crumbling herd immunity, and the reemergence of measles, there should not be the option to opt-out of getting children vaccinated.

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