Should Body Piercing be Banned?

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Piercing is a practice of body modification that allows an individual to cut or puncture a body part in order to wear a ring, stud or any other kind of jewelry. This may be done for many reasons, which vary from person to person. Some do it for fun, some like the way it looks, others, mostly masochists, just like the pain. It serves as a source of self-satisfaction for them. A survey showed that between the ages of 18 to 50, 24% of the individuals have got piercings. The Northwestern University conducted a research and found out that out of all the people who get their body parts pierced, 76% are women. Also, it is to be noted that ear lobe piercing is the most common and popular form. 34% of all piercings are ear lobe ones. But should this activity be allowed? Or should it be legally prohibited? Do the benefits outweigh the harms of this pursuit? All of these thoughts will be discussed.

The reasons underlying this occupation are vast. Some people choose to do so in order to highlight or in memory of some historical landmark events. Others, usually victims of sexual assault, do so to reclaim their body parts from unpleasant memories of the past. Some simply see it as a way to express their originality and individuality. They believe it signifies their strength, sexiness or attractiveness. In some primitive societies, this kind of body modification is used to follow the tradition that marks a younger ones transition to adulthood. Once he goes through this process, he will finally be accepted by his peers as one of them. This also applies to the peer pressure in other modern society where a person may get one so that he can be included or be considered as a part of a group.

But irrespective of the reason behind such painful act,...

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... traditions. Any interruptions can lead to conflict and rebellion by the people which will definitely not be affordable. Also, banning it in cities will lead to development of black market areas where there will be illegal activity going on. People will have to pay a higher price reducing their consumer surplus and this unreported activity will also not be monitored not controlled by the state.

In light of the above arguments, it can be noted that a complete embargo on this activity will never be effective. Yet it may only make things worse. But we also cannot simply let it happen the way it is. Therefore the solution lies somewhere in between. Campaigning and advertising can be held publicizing the harmful effects of piercing to the population so that they can be more aware of their predicament. This way they will learn to make their own decisions rationally.
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