Should Big Scorers Score Big Bucks

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Athletics are a large part of many people’s lives weather it’s playing, watching, or coaching. Many athletes have the skill, dedication, and love for their respective sports to compete at the collegiate level. The big question now a day is should they get paid for playing their sports? The answer to this question is no, because they are there first and foremost to get an education and by paying these student athletes they could become content with the funds that are being provided and not work as hard to earn their degree.
Becoming a student athlete at a college or university means exactly that a student first then an athlete. Being a student athlete is not always the easiest, with not only having to keep up with school work but having to go to two sometimes three practice or training sessions a day is a daunting task. Having to deal with all this does make it hard to have as much free time but, it is all a part of the educational experience. These students don’t necessarily have to worry about financial problems as much because many student athletes get scholarship money where most if not all accommodations are taken care of (Block). Getting paid on top of all that could hinder their academic focuses. Bob Knight said “paying college athletes would diminish the value of education for these individuals” (Daugherty).
Student athletes receive thousands of dollars in scholarship funds which take care of books, food, tuition, and housing (Block). There are some kids that work all night so they can go to college and pay for the things that the athletic scholarships already take care of. Some scholarships pay more than a person with a full time job having a college degree. So do they really need more money on top of that (D...

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In this essay, the author

  • Argues that getting paid to play collegiate sports defeats the overall purpose of going to college and learning how to make your own money.
  • Opines that college athletes should be paid. the shirley povich center for sports.
  • Opines that paying college athletes would diminish the value of education for these individuals.
  • Explains why the ncaa does not allow athletes to be paid is to keep their amateur status and reputation.
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