Should Augustus Have Been the First Emperor?

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Mark Antony was a very noble Roman, but he did not deserve to be disliked by Octavius. He deserved to rule Rome after the assassination of Caesar. Octavius was Julius Caesar’s adopted nephew, and heir to the throne of Rome. Antony seemed closer to Caesar than Octavius did, so Antony had the power to rule with Octavius. Octavius, Antony, and Lepidus ruled Rome together due to the Second Triumvirate. Many factors led into why Antony was better set to rule Rome after Caesar, but none of the factors should have led to Antony killing himself.

Mark Antony was first became acquaintances with Caesar around 51 B.C. Antony was appointed as one of Caesar’s officers. While Antony was getting close to Caesar, Caesar and Pompey were fighting over who could have complete rule of Rome. Antony was good with his words, and helped with his “benefactor, Caesar, who was being challenged by the Roman senate” (“Mark Antony”). Antony also accompanied Caesar in Gaul when they fought against Pompey. Caesar won the battle and designated Antony as his second in command. Being appointed second in command from such a potent dictator shows that Antony was primed for leadership.

After Caesar was assassinated, Antony was outraged. Antony was very vehement towards Caesar while he lived. He believed since he was second in command before Caesar died, he had the potential to hunt down the assassins. Unlike in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Octavius was not aiding Antony pursue the assassins of his great uncle. In Rome, at the time, only children of the leader could assume his position. Caesar had no children so he appointed Antony as the next in line. Caesar adopted Octavius as his own son, so he could rule the land. This sparked a fire between Antony and ...

... middle of paper ... Antony killed himself, he still deserved the power that Caesar appointed him towards. Being appointed the second in power from one of the most notable Romans is worthy of having power. The first Emperor of Rome did not achieve his position, Augustus was given it by Julius Caesar. Antony was smart when things went bad for him, moving to Egypt to use their army for his needs.

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