Should Animal Testing be Banned?

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Its’ another morning and the room is white. There are bars all around and the smell of cleaner is everywhere. Soon I see a person holding a tube of something. The person is coming towards me. Suddenly I’m out of the bars and sitting on a table. The person held me down and put the tube against me. It burns! I want to run but cant. My heart rate goes up and I start to tremble. This will be done several times a day with several different tubes. Law requires I get pain medication but it is minimal and wears off quickly. This is the life of a cosmetic testing rabbit and really, the last way anyone wants to see a rabbit. Sadly, so many are coming to this fate. Many people around the world think animal testing should be banned. The reasons and ideology may be different but the same goal is in mind. Completely banning animal testing is this goal. There are a few main reasons why so many people think animal testing should be banned. Firstly, animal testing needs more oversight. A likely objection to this would be to bring up the Animal Welfare Act. However, This Act specifies that “alternatives to animal testing should be considered, however, it does not restrict any procedures or conditions to which an animal can be subject too during the course of the experiment that may include pain and distress.” (In defense of animals, 100) Many believe the Animal Welfare Act was able to help with animal testing. However, this quote from the organization In defense of animals. “The AWF [Animal Welfare Act] does not govern the care or usage of rodents, birds, and farm animals because they were exempt. Unfortunately it is these species that make up 80% of all animals used in animal testing.” (In defense of animals, 1o1) So sure, you could protec... ... middle of paper ... poked, prodded and exposed should come together and help make a difference. Works Cited Barnard, Neal. “Animal testing?.” Vegetarians Times 348 (2007): 19-21. Health Source - Consumer Edition. EBSCO. WEB. 18 Apr. 2011. Garner, Robert. “Animal Experimentation is Unethical” Animal Experimentation San Diego, California. 2002.68-71. Print. Goldberg, Alan. M. and Thomas Hartung. “ PROTECT MORE THAN ANIMALS.” Scientific American294.1 (2006): 84-91. Health Source – Consumer Edition. EBASCO. Web. 18 Apr. 2011. In defense of Animals, “The Animal Reasurch Industry Needs More Oversite.” Animal Experimentation San Diego, California. 2002.99-105. Print. Linker,Damon. “ Animals are not Equal to Humans.” Animal Experimentation San Diego, California. 2002.35-43. Print. Regan, Tom. “Animals have Rights” Animal Experimentation San Diego, California. 2002.20-24. Print.

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