Should Animal Experimentation Ever Be Permitted?

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Physicians are known to have performed vivisection on animals for hundreds of years, and nowadays animal testing remains an essential element of research in medicine and pharmacology. Animal experimentation has generated heated discussions among scientists, philosophers, and politicians. This issue is very controversial, since it involves ethical questions. While it is generally accepted that testing cosmetics on animals is unnecessary and immoral, there is a debate concerning the use of animals for medical purposes. Our society is split into supporters and opponents of animal experimentation. The latter tend to resort to violent methods of protest, namely they intimidate physicians involved in animal testing, etc. Whereas proponents of animal testing emphasize that without employment of animals in research advances in modern medicine would be impossible, antivivisectionists do not take into consideration numerous benefits of animal experimentation to humans and claim that it is unethical to use animals in tests. It is the conflict between animal rights advocates and scientists, who conduct experiments on animals to improve the welfare of people. Alternatives to animal research, clinical value of animal testing, human domination over animals and their greater moral significance, exposure of animals to needless suffering and abuse are the questions that are frequently raised by antivivisectionists. Although some arguments of animal rights activists might appear persuasive and logical, animal experimentation should not be abolished, since its benefits to people are immeasurable. The first experiments involving live animals were conducted in the third century BC (Kiple et al. 23). Since then a large number of tests on animals have... ... middle of paper ... ...Animal Experimentation.” The Hasting Center Report 1989: 15-17. Institute for Laboratory Animal Research. Science, Medicine, and Animals. National Research Council of the National Academies, 2004. Kiple, Kenneth F., Ornelas, Kriemhild Conee. “Experimental Animals in Medical Research: A History.” Why Animal Experimentation Matters: the Use of Animals in Medical Research. Eds. Ellen Frankel Paul, Jeffrey Paul. Transaction Publishers, 2001:29-49. Loeb, Jerod M., Hendee, William R., Smith, Steven J., and Schwarz, M. Roy. “Human vs. Animal Rights: In Defense of Animal Research.” Journal of the American Medical Association 17 November 1989: 2716-2720. Regan, Tom. “III-Gotten Gains.” The Great Ape Project. Ed. Paola Cavalieri, Peter Singer. NY: Martin’s Griffin, 1993: 194-205. Watson, Stephanie. Animal Testing: Issues and Ethics. The Rosen Publishing Group, 2009.
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