Should Abortion Be Legalized in Morocco?

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People from different countries are either for or against legalization of abortion. Some say that abortion should be a part of women’s rights as it limits unwanted pregnancies. Others say that it is against their values and religion; so they can’t tolerate this action. Unfortunately, almost all Muslim countries forbid abortion except for “special circumstances”. However, in Morocco, saving the life of the woman, and preserving her physical and mental health are the unique cases in which abortion could be tolerated. What if a woman is rapped? Or what if she gets pregnant by mistake? Should her undergo her pregnancy? Or should her ask for an abortion?
The opponents of allowing abortion in Morocco say that a life is a life, and nobody has the choice to decide if a person should die or not no matter how small. Also, they say that babies are innocent human beings, so no matter what stage of pregnancy it is, mothers shouldn’t abort their own child in all circumstances. However, if one woman of those opponents’ families was a victim of a rape and got pregnant, they might not accept the situation. Those same opponents who are against abortion would ask the justice to allow that woman to abort. They would feel ashamed in the society even if that woman doesn’t commit any crime, she is the victim. However, mothers don’t decide to abort without having their own reasons. They decide to abort because they are forced to do so. They may feel tyrannized when they are rapped, or they may be scared of society and the consequences of having an illegitimate child.

The first reason for allowing abortion is for the respect of women’s rights. Each woman has the right to choose if she wants to get pregnant or not. In fact, society, legislation, relig...

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...s this association fighting against illegal abortion? In fact, it should fight against the cruel law of forbidding abortion. Abortion should be tolerated in Morocco.
To sum up, abortion should be legalized in Morocco. If it was the case, women’s rights would be respected, the number of abandoned children would sharply decrease, and women wouldn’t put themselves in significant danger. It is true that even legal abortion may have secondary effects on women, but this still very rare. However, the Minister of Morocco said that he would work on the tolerance of abolition in extreme cases such as rape and incest which is a good beginning for the legalization of abortion.

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