Should Abortion Be Legalized?

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Would you want someone to take away the ability to live from you? Or can you imagine not having this life? Babies or Embryos, on the other hand, don’t have any choices like you under the mother’s womb. They can’t resist or even stand up for themselves, if the mother decides to get an abortion. Abortion is an option given to women who become pregnant. Many consider it, and many decide to have one. They believe that it is their right to choose whether or not abortion is right for them, and the baby is just helpless. Their whole future has vanished from this world. Considering the Marquis’ arguments on abortion, syllogism, and some philosophy like Kantian, I believe that abortion is immoral. Abortion is like murder. I truly believe that abortion is taking life away from someone that deserves a chance to live. Many people assume the responsibility for aborting a child simply because no one has actually seen it outside the mother’s. We can’t assume anything like that, because places, where a child lives, don’t change the definition of abortion. It is killing a human being. Furthermore, whether it gets diagnosed of Dow Syndrome, or it is being healthy, we don’t know the true potential of a child, so we can’t assume and take away its chances it deserves. For Marquis, killing someone is like depriving something valuable from the victim. It deprives everything he/she would have valued in the future, like goals, achievements, relationships and many more. Abortion simply kills every chance and everything a child might have in the future. If a value of future makes killing us wrong, killing a fetus takes away its future; so, killing a fetus is wrong as well. One day, a child might become successful, but with abortion he doesn’t a have a c... ... middle of paper ... ...ainst abortion and believe that it is morally wrong, I believe that in some certain extreme situation abortion is the best thing to do. In some cases woman must have an abortion in order to survive the pregnancy. In this case, if the pregnancy can cause the death of the mother as well as the death of the fetus, I believe that it is better to take the life of unborn child, rather than risk losing both the mother and the child. Overall, I believe that abortion is an unjustified moral. Abortion is simply considered as murder. In another word, abortion is taking away someone’s future, a valuable thing in life, without giving him/her any chance. We deserve to live our life and fulfill our future. Furthermore, I believe that there is a good alternative for abortion; it is adoption. Every child deserves a chance to live, and woman should not have a right to take it away.

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