Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Even though we have become more socially progressive as a society, the struggle for eliminating the shaming of women who’ve received an abortion or use Planned Parenthood services continues and there right to abortion is an argument that persists because of pro life advocates and the socially conservative agenda found in the Republican party. Many republican politicians and conservative religious groups have made it difficult for women to emotionally accept themselves for choosing to have abortions but they make it physically and financially difficult for them to access those resources. Access to clinics who preform abortions has become more limited and difficult to acquire in recent years. Procedures for clinics providing multiple types of abortion treatments are being required to abide by a greater number of regulations and certification protocols (Greenier, 2014). Clinics are closing down and losing funding due to political manipulation by conservative and pro life advocates groups (Brown, 2013). Society tends to associate abortion with a small group of the population limited to young teens but in reality most women in need of abortions or contraceptive services proportionally speaking, are women of color; both African American and Hispanic in there mid twenties to mid thirties, of lower socioeconomic status who have less access to those resources (Associated Press, 2008). Lack of proper benefits and healthcare also keeps many of these women from being allowed to access abortion or contraceptives and in many cases if they’re already lacking the resources to obtain those, then its going to be that much harder for them to raise a child without those necessities. This absence of healthcare and benefits covering abortion or contra... ... middle of paper ... ...s. It is not in our societies best interest to tell more than half of the human population what they can and can’t do with based on religion or political view over science and objective data, particularly when the outcome is something the individual neither wanted nor planed for. No one has the right to dictate what a living person does with his or her life or body and not when a person’s choices doesn’t affect a viable or living thing. I am in agreement with the present legal structure and limits of abortion and when it should or should not be allowed but I am an advocate for what Planned Parenthood and other groups are are doing. I believe abortion is an option people should have without persecution and free from other’s individual conflicts. Margaret Sanger once said, “No Woman can call herself free who does not have control over her own body.” (Good Reads, 2016)

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