Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Making a Life to Take a Life Imagine never having any say in anything that has ever happened to you. Now imagine if someone had taken away your right to life just because they don 't want a baby or they aren’t financially stable enough. In the US alone, there are around 3,322 abortion per day, that evens out to about 1.12 million a year. Forty-six percent of abortions are because the mother simply can’t afford the child and she was only using one contraception. The CDC reported in 2012 that 17.7 percent of abortions were at 7 weeks (Jones 1) , at seven weeks a baby has a heart beat, its own set of fingerprints, and its bones are beginning to develop. In the United States abortion is legal in all states although it is illegal to receive an abortion after the baby is visible, which means the baby is twenty-four weeks or more and could live outside the womb, even though a baby is considered full term at thirty-seven to forty-two weeks, babies as early as twenty-four weeks have survived. Today abortion is a hot topic in the news, not only should it be legal or illegal, why are taxpayers having to help fund it through Medicaid and Obamacare, abortion not only affects the baby, but it can have huge effects on the mother as well, and many say it’s not anyone 's business about what a “mother” does, its her own body and she has the choice to decide if she wants a baby or if she wants an abortion. The words of an unborn child are often overlooked and unheard when it comes to abortion. What permits us to decide when a person born or unborn should die. The baby, an innocent child that never knew anything other than its mother 's womb, who never had any other perception of life, never got the chance to live can no longer feel de... ... middle of paper ... states that women have the right to privacy and the right to an abortion if they so choose. Abortion is a horrible thing that needs to be illegal. People need to understand that unborn babies are people too and have the same rights as any other person. Life, the thing that we all take for granted everyday, is something that forty-four million unborn babies are denied worldwide every year. Is it really fair to make taxpayers help fund something that many are against, or is it really worth putting a woman through physical and emotional pain? As many will many argue, it 's no one’s business what another person does with their body, but as long as women have the free choice to basically murder another person with no consequences, then 3,322 abortions per day will continue to happen. The laws need to change, millions of unborn children 's lives are depending on it.

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