Should Abortion Be Legal?

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There are hundreds of social problems in the USA today and one of the most complicated is abortion. Abortion is so complicated owing to the fact that it affects a woman’s body, causing it to be a very personal and emotional issue, but at the same time since it is affecting a future American citizen, it becomes a problem that America as a society has to deal with. This causes America to be split into two sides, one side claiming that it should be the woman’s choice since they believe it affects the woman alone and the other side claiming that it affects society as a whole and can’t be left to the woman alone to decide. Since abortion is legal in America a solution would be to try to lower the amount of abortions, some ways to do this are making adoption easier and cheaper, making counseling more available and easy to acquire, and educating about abortion and what it does. According to Sandra Alters, “The abortion issue affects not only women in their reproductive years but also potential fathers and other family members, as well as those who are involved in the debate on moral, ethical, philosophical, and legal grounds. Thus, abortion is a national issue and one that is governed in the United States by federal law.” Abortion affects American society negatively in many ways, but there are three major ways that are seriously hurting society. One of these ways is financial losses; over 50 million potential American workers have been aborted since 1973 when abortion was legalized. This immense loss in the workforce has contributed to causing the vast national debt we find ourselves in, estimated at 22.4 trillion. A second negative influence abortion has had on society is the disproportion of age populations. The older population is ... ... middle of paper ... ...e having a hard time. Classes about, the effects of sex, STD’s, and what abortion is, need to be taught in all high schools so that teens know exactly what they are doing and what can happen, instead of them finding out once it is too late. Educating teens would lower the number of STD’s and abortions because teens would be more aware that having sex is not just something that is fun but can have serious consequences that can be temporary or lifelong. In order to help decrease the numbers of abortions, solutions like promoting adoption, making counselling more available, and educating teens about sex, STD’s, and abortion need to be put into action. Out of those three solutions counselling is the best solution, giving women the help, support, and knowledge they need to make the right choice. With more resources out there for them, fewer women will have abortions.

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