Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Physically killing is not the only killing, abortion can be worse. There is a debate on whether abortion should or should not be legal. Abortion is defined as a removal of the fetus in the womb before the baby comes to full term. It is one of the most popular issues right now in the world. This procedure is the mother and father’s decision to make to choose to not give birth to the baby. Abortion should be made illegal not just in the United States but also worldwide because abortion can cause a lot complication, it takes the live of innocents, it has effects and permanent damage in people’s lives and it can also increase the rate of death. One of the primary reasons that abortion should be illegal is that it causes a lot of complications for women to have health problems that can lead to death. One of the things that cause complication to women’s health is having unsanitary abortion; women tend to receive abortion from people who are unskilled. (Shahbazi). This is one of the major things that cause death to women after they have the abortion. According to Ziraba et al, For example, in Kenya, many women are experiencing a higher death rate, over 250 in ten-thousand women have died with unsafe abortion. This is an enormous rate of death many women are facing. Many women also can experience a loss of a lot of blood if they fail to get treatment earlier than they should, or not getting the right treatment they deserve before they get the abortion (Ziraba et al). Another complication that women might face is trying to have the abortion on their own by taking medication or what they consider more natural not surgery; and this can cause them to have problems that can lead to death. This is what some people should keep in mind while cons... ... middle of paper ... ...t been born doesn’t mean its ok for them not to live. Abortion is not safe either by physician or just using pills, anything can go wrong. According, over 70 percent of people believe that abortion takes away life of innocents, and if many people believe this, it give reason why abortion should be illegal. As you can see abortion can cause a lot of things, Abortion can be a risky thing to do, it bring a lot of health problems to women, takes the lives of children that meant to live, it have bad effect on families and have regression of what they did and it can also increase the rate of death among women. In the future women should think of this this before proceeding to abort their baby. If they don’t have this problem after their abortion, they might have them later on in life. If abortion does not become illegal, more lives will be continues to be lost.

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