Should A Woman 's V Spot Be Regulated By The Government?

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Should A Woman 's V-Spot Be Regulated By The Government When people think prostitution they think of sex for money, diseases, crime, work place violence such as rape and also robbery. In every way they are right. Prostitution has become one of our major issues in the U.S. It has caused spreading of disease, unplanned pregnancy, deaths and robbery. You would think that with all the issues given with prostitution that we should continue with its illegalization, but that’s incorrect. Like many crimes prostitution is one that can never be completely contained. Though the use of marijuana is illegal, someone as simple as a middle school student can obtain it. Though the drinking age is obviously the age of twenty-one, many college or high school students of the age twenty and below can find a way to acquire alcohol. Our government should make the change to legalize prostitution in order to stabilize it. This is a crime that can not be stopped but in many ways can be benefited from through legalization. Prostitution should be legalized so that sex workers can be monitored consistently in order to keep spreading of diseases and to protect them from violent clients which can in many ways promote safer sex. What is prostitution? Prostitution is, technically speaking, engaging in sexual activity for an exchange of money. Although prostitution is traditionally traded for money, it can also be done for the exchange of jewelry, vehicles, clothing, housing, foods or basically anything that has a market value. Prostitution is done also by men but is done predominantly by women. This exchange for money is seen as abnormal way to make a living and is illeal in many countries. Most prostitutes will usually work for someone. In this matter the pr... ... middle of paper ... ...hat goes there as much as they try I conclude that they should legalize it so that they can better monitor its actions. Though it will not stop the spreading of diseases, it can greatly decrease its spreading. This can also help prevent violence in the work place and keep more prostitutes alive and well. Decriminalization allows us to monitor the prostitutes physically and help prevent work place violence such as robbery, rape and physical hitting of the prostitutes, a process that would be hard to prevent if its being done unmonitored. This way we can stop this from happening before it starts. Finally this decriminalization can help boom our economy as a whole just as it did Nevada. Our government just has to keep an open eye and an open mind to what is going on financially and economically to our people and consider the up brings this decriminalization can bring us

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