Should A Person Ever Believe That They Were Cursed?

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Should a person ever believe that they were cursed? Well this was my belief before Chadwin was born. As a teenager on a summer revival night, our pastor called all the young childbearing girls to the front of the church and had us vow that we will never become pregnant before we were married. Being of age where I understood everything thing he asked of me, I did exactly what he asked. I devoted my life to God and vowed to never become pregnant before I was married. As a young adolescent I became pregnant twice and miscarried both. When Chadwin’s father and I married in the year of 1997 we became pregnant after three months. We were so excited to be having a baby, my husband longed for a girl and I really didn’t care what the gender was as long as it was healthy. One night while lying in bed I began to bleed; I was so afraid that it was happening all over again. My husband rushed me to the emergency room and I was examined and told that I had miscarried again. We were devastated that this curse was still lingering to me. I was scheduled for an Ultra Sound the next morning to confirmed the doctor’s suspicion. When he entered the room my stomach turned in knots awaiting the horrifying news. He told us that there were two embryotic sacs and one was emptied, and I was indeed still pregnant. Not comprehending the fact that I could have been possibly pregnant with twins and one was miscarried, I never questioned what he had just told us. I was just excited to become a mother. The following months I read “what to expect while you are pregnant” daily, questioning his every movement and growth. I couldn’t wait until his due date. I can remember just staring in the mirror wondering why I wasn’t as big as some other pregnant women I knew. W... ... middle of paper ... ... fingers grasped the mouse and clicked on the start menu, then control panel, screen-saver, and bubbles. I yelled for my husband to come in and we went through this entire motion again, and again whenever family and friends would come over. We started to buy him children software for him to play on the computer, before he could even read, he would install the software himself and master all the games. This led to multiple learning software and games within weeks. Throughout the years Chadwin became bored with computers and software, and devoted the majority of his time to video gaming. If I could turn back the time, I would have never introduce my child to the gaming system. He’s a remarkable young man but gaming does detach a child from society. He has grown to be Ma’s baby and he hates when I call him that in public. He was my baby then and he’s my bigger baby now.
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