Shoudl Assisted Suicide Be Legal?

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Allison Davis is a full time wheel chair user with spina bifida, emphysema, and osteoporosis. She is in constant pain and suffering. She writes that there were many times she attempted suicide. She was so tired of the pain that she wanted it all to end. Thankfully, she had friends who looked out for her and stopped each of her attempts of suicide. She says that she would’ve taken Euthanasia if it would’ve been legal and she would have qualified for it. After years of suffering she finally is able to keep it under control and make it bearable. She still is in pain but she has learned that dying is not the answer. The answer is to have people who love you surrounding you and not feeling abandoned. She writes that she thanks God that assisted suicide was not legal and she believes it should never be legal. She has lived a full life and wants to die of natural causes when the time comes. Allison is only one of many who have lived with or continue to live with chronic pain. Legalizing assisted suicide would be harmful to them and to research. I am against assisted suicide because it is morally wrong and against human nature. Why would someone want to legalize assisted suicide? First, those who are for physician assisted suicide might say that if you only have a short time to live it is better to die with dignity and not have suffered much than to wait till the disease takes you naturally. Patients who choose assisted suicide should choose that option while they are of sound mind. They are able to leave good last memories with their loved ones and do not have to worry about putting them in financial distress. The cost is enormous to take care of someone whether it is in a hospital or nursing home. The terminally ill are also on expensi... ... middle of paper ... ...fe supportive care, no to assisted suicide or euthanasia. Journal of the National Medical Association, 94 (1), 40, Retrieved from Galbraith, K., Dobson, K. (2000, August 01). The role of the psychologist in determining competence for assisted suicide/euthanasia in the terminally ill. Canadian Psychology, 41 (3), 174, Retrieved from Hull, T, R. (2003, April 01). The case for. Free Inquiry, 23 (2), 35, Retrieved from Human life must be valued. (2011, Aug 08). Calgary Herald. Retrieved from Pacholczyk, T. (2012, Oct 08). Please step back from the assisted-suicide ledge. Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from Physician-assisted suicide. (2013, April 11). New England Journal of Medicine, 368 (15), 1450, Retrieved from

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