Short Story: The Story Of A Famous Family Story

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Yanibel Reyes Santos

She just got up one day and decided to almost give her life up for her kids. Well she did not legitimately give her life away but you would think she should have after hearing our famous family story. What 's ironic about it is that it does not get told that often it rarely gets told, it just a story you know because it got told to you once and then after that you just knew. The young kids don 't get told it though. It took them literally 17 years to tell me the story I just recently found out. I guess we call it our famous family story because it 's the story behind my family coming to live to America.
My mother was born in Dominican Republic she was the first girl to the family so she always got spoiled and got everything she wanted. My grandmother knew that if she wanted to raise my daughter the way she always wanted to raise a girl,
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She saw to kids in a bike and took money out and payed them so they could tell her where she had to go next. They pointed to a house that was far but at this point with everything my grandmother had just gone through she felt like she hadn’t felt so close to anything like that house. Her and the guy she was with both walked towards the house and when they got there the people at the house already knew what it was they were there for.
They brought my grandma and her friend stuff to eat and a phone so they could each call the person that was going to go pick them up. My grandmother father my great grandfather was who was going to go pick up my grandmother. He arrived at around seven at night that day. My grandmother and great grandfather paid the people and then left. Just like that she made it safe thank god and then that 's when the process to bring her kids to America as well started. She was illegal so she knew this first thing she had to do was become legal and become a resident so that 's what she

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