Short Story: The Floosh

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The Floosh It's a bird, wait, it's a parrot. No, it's The Floosh! Before The Floosh was saving lives all around the world he went by the name of Rick Barry. He grew up in a stable household with his best friend Floosh. Floosh wasn't a human, he was a parrot that Rick cared about more than anything in the world. Rick paid more attention to his pet than he ever did in school and this actually turned out to help him in the long run. On a regular Tuesday at Rojas high school in Nathaniel Ville, Texas. Rick decided to skip his last period of the day to experiment with the chemicals that his chemistry teacher kept away from the class. Rick created a mystery smoothie that smelled wonderful, so he dipped his hot pocket in it and devoured most of…show more content…
Floosh was headed straight towards Hurricane Death Megatron 3000. For Ricks parent’s; saving Floosh was not an option, because they need to evacuate. Their plans to be packed up and leave by the morning, but by then rick would be long gone. Ricked jam packed his backpack with supplies need for his journey then hopped on his biked determined that he will save Floosh. Google maps said that it would take 12 hours to get to Floosh’s location which seemed impossible for Rick’s scrawny body. Rick ran into a homeless man named Bob while he was making a pit stop. Bob was insane, but the only english that Rick could understand was”Just keep moving.” So he did. The tires of his bike were flat due to the debris on the road and Rick felt like he had made the biggest…show more content…
The only thing he could think of to do was eat, so he grabbed his left over hot pocket and ate half of what was left. Then he was hit with a burst of energy and started to run. He was running faster than he’s ever ran. Within seconds he was face to face with Hurricane Death Megatron 3000. He had to make a decision, to save his parrot, or to evacuate everyone he can. Floosh meant the world to him, but knew it would be selfish to leave thousands of people in danger. Rick began to gather up families and bring them out of the city at an unreal speed. He was traveling faster than the speed of light calling out Floosh’s name while saving Texans from being swallowed by the Hurricane. Once everyone was safe he tracked Floosh where he was directly in the eye of Death Megatron 3000. Rick raced towards the eye to see Floosh being tossed around by the winds. Rick pulled out the final bite of the hot pocket and swallowed it. Then his back began to loosen and wings shot out. Rick’s greatest fear was allways heights and this would be his biggest obstacle yet. He decided that the only way to fly was close his eyes and move towards the sounds that Floosh were making. After struggling to find him he eventually snagged him out of the air and immediately

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