Short Story: Rockwell Cementery

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The darkness fell over Scott and Eric as the stood at main of Rockwell cemetary, the cemetary was at the bottom of the hill near the end of there small town, a freezing breeze blow over the first hill after the walked trough the main gate. Scott and Eric had know each other for the longest time. They both have had supernature expeciers, Scott had seen what seemed to be other people that only he could see, they had followed him since he was a young kid. But recently he had been seen a new figure, it was a young girl with long black hair. The only difference was this one Eric could also see she had been seen multiple times by both but never at the same time. She had always seem to be closer to Eric, Scott has seen her standing behind Eric a few different times. Eric had only seen here a few times but her face is burned in to his memory because the last occasion, Eric woke up in the middle of the night with from a strange feeling came over him. When he opened his eyes he say her face inches away, her eyes pure black stairing in to his soul, his heart felt like it stop and his body had gone numb, he tried to move but couldnt it was as if he was frozen in place. She just keep stairing at him, then room felt like it was spinning and he started to black out, right before he blacked out she laughed and cocked her head to the side and everthing turned black. The two friends chose to go to the cematary beacuse it wasnt there first time they had been there and the first time going here is around the time they started seeing the girl. The first time at the Rockwell the two strolled along the path and started to notice the wind started to blow and they were now able to see there breath, but the two pressed on deeper into the cematary th... ... middle of paper ... ...nd hill. Scott ran to Eric and told him what had happened. Eric knew by the look in Scotts eyes that everything he said was true. But they both knew they had to keep going they were almost there just one more hill. One more hill and they might get some answer, maybe even find out who the girl is and why she has been following them or what did she want from them. Scott heart was still racing from what had just happen he was very on edge but so was Eric maybe even more then Scott. With each step closer the two felt a stranger more dreedful feeling, the wind blew hard and in the distance the sound of thunder cracked and a light rain started to fall as the two reached the base of the last hill. They look to the top of the hill and all they could see from there was the top of the pine tree where a owl sat stairing at them. The two knew there was no turning back now.

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