Short Story: I Walk For Zoey

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I Walk for Zoey → LEVEL 4+ “You know Sharla, you’re starting to look so much like your sister these da—“ “Can you not, Mom! I told you, I don’t want to be like her!” The car ride home was quiet again, with only the gentle thudding of raindrops being heard. It was one of the few precious times Mom was actually free from work to pick me up, but the good mood was ruined already. I knew my temper wasn’t the best, but I couldn’t help it as I huffed and jumped out of the car as soon as Mom had parked. Zoey was home. Like always. She turned to me when I set my bag down, her blonde locks, which I’ve always been envious of, sliding off her shoulder. I turned away with a frown and opened the fridge when she stutters out, “O-o-h h-hey! H-h-ho-how w-was s-s-schoo-schoo­—“ “The same as…show more content…
It was already dark when I went downstairs, ready to go. The senior girls were going to come pick me up in their truck in around ten minutes. Putting on my shoes I called, “Mom! Mom! Can I go somewhere with some frien—“ “M-mo-mom’s n-n-not h-hom-e. S-she a-a-a-a—l-left f-f-or w-work.” Looking over my shoulder, I saw Zoey standing at the kitchen doorway with a hot mug of coffee. Heaving my bag onto my shoulder I said, “Alright then, well, I’m going out with some friends to Sandmarve Cliff. Y’know, by the creek? I’ll probably be back tomorrow morning.” Zoey’s eyes widened for some reason. Opening her mouth she stuttered, “N-n-no-o, y-y-ou c-c-an’t. Y-y-you d-di-didn-n’t e-even a-a-ask M-Mom” I frowned, irritated. “Well I’m going and you can’t stop me.” A strong hand grabbed onto my upper arm as I turned to leave. “S-s-sto-p! I s-s-say y-y-yy ca-c-c-an’t!” Roughly, I jerked my arm away. Harshly, I retorted, “And I said, you can’t stop me!” Her fingers frantically returned and gripped my shoulder. With her brows furrowed, she loudly demanded, “S-s-sta-stay h-h-here! I-I s-s-say y-y-you

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