Short Story: Hush Hush

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Hello, lovelies. I'm Alice. Alice Corlette; or so, that's what I was once called. Now? Oh, dear. I'm afraid you'll have to read my story to find out. But beware; as cliche as it sounds...curiousity killed the cat. And so, let the story begin. The night that started this whole damn thing. In the dark of my room, around ten at night, the doorknob rattles ferociously, waking me with fear clouding my thoughts. Dad. Was he here for another...round? I can't do this for much longer! Seventeen years old, still involuntarily living in the same, trashy apartment as my piss ant of a dad. A pedophile. A rapist. I wasn't even supposed to be born! The more I think of all the years I've dealt with this shit, the more morose I become. It just wasn't fair! I've tried so hard to do everything right, just to please my dad. Just so I wouldn't have to worry about him sneaking into my room at night and...and... The door slams open. This was it. I could call the police on him tonight. "Dad...daddy?" I whimper, hands shaking. "Hey, sweetheart. Daddy's got an early Christmas present for you. I let out a cry. "Please don't, daddy. I'll go and buy some more beer, how does that sound?" He sneers, sky blue eyes glittering in the sickest of ways. He shoves his golden hair to the side. "Shut up and lie down." As I lie down, the unfamiliar rush of adrenaline kicks in. Eight years of being molested by my own father. Eight years of tears and horror. I could do something about it right now; end it all. I could either kill him, or myself. Honestly, it doesn't even matter anymore. He was driving me insane; to the boiling point...and that's a place I've never been to. I never planned on traveling there anytime soon. My... ... middle of paper ... head in a very unrealistic acting manner. "There you have it, America. Another terrifying story set place in New York City. Police are still on the look for this monster; and they promise whoever has done this terrible crime will be sent to prison for the rest of their days. Now, back to Jim for a lighter article; after the break." Now, I don't regret what I did. No, not even an ounce of remorse flows thorughout my hollow veins. I'm invincable now. I can kill without being afraid. Some might call me insane, but I know that the reason I love to watch the last dying embers of the innocent fade out, is perfectly sane. Watch out, darling. Don't be startled if you hear your doorknob rattiling, because then, you should expect the last words you'll ever hear, to be "hush hush," for I am Malice Alice, and not even your god will be able to hear your screams.

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